Map scores are automatically calculated by our map rating system (MRS). It considers your votes on our webpage or ingame with !like or !dislike.

Based on the amount of votes, we are enforcing two different formulas.

If a map has greater than or equal to 25 votes:

  • likes / (likes + dislikes)

If a map has less than 25 votes:

  • ((likes + A) / (likes + dislikes) - B * SQRT((likes * dislikes) / (likes + dislikes) + C) / (likes + dislikes)) / (1 + D / (likes + dislikes))

    SQRT: This is a unary operator which evaluates the square root of its argument.
    A / B / C / D are private constants which are considered as closed source. The math for this was worked out in 1927 by Edwin B. Wilson.

On our servers we want to give you the possibility to select the next map played. Therefore on all our servers we have integrated an automatic votemap system (VMS). The system will automatically trigger a vote based on serveral vote options after 30 minutes and has a cooldown of 15 minutes. Each vote lasts and can be extended with if the required votes are not above of the current player count.

Our VMS will be disabled if the player population falls below 45 players and replaced with a special Skirmish only system to support seeding. You can manually start a map vote with !votemap ingame.

The last option selectable will always be the current next map.

Can I have influence on the options presented?

Yes, everyone can. Each vote can be adjusted with nominated maps. To nominate a map use !nominate MAP like "!nominate Al Basrah Invasion v1" ingame.
Each nomination lasts for the next mapvote. Also there is no guarantee that your nomination will be automatically in the vote if there a couple of.

Maps considered for the votemap can be found in the server's map rotation page. Also the map rating has an influence on it. Rate the currently played map ingame with !like or !dislike. Maps with a +4 rating will be selected prioritised.

Pool Order

  • nominated maps
  • maps with a 4-5 stars rating and minimum 5 likes/dislikes
  • maps with a 2-3 stars rating and minimum 5 likes/dislikes
  • map rotation
  • all SQUAD maps

A complete map overview can be found here.


  • Current game mode will be excluded.
  • Skirmish Maps will be excluded if player count is above 45.
  • Last 5 played maps will be excluded automatically.
  • Each game mode will be included only once.
  • Each pool will be used only twice.
  • DLC maps like the ones from CAF addon will be included only once.
  • Big maps like Gorodok or Yehorivka are excluded between 00:00 a.m. to 06:00 a.m.