On our servers we are forcing a more strict teamkill system then Squad provides by his own.

  • 10 teamkills in the same game session => 1 month ban by Squad

Beside that we are following the following additional rules:

  • intentional teamkills will be directly reported to our admins and punished by our system.
  • 3 teamkills within the last 12 hours => Ingame warning and notification sent to our admins.
  • 5 teamkills within the last 12 hours => Kick from your current game session (last warning)
  • 10 teamkills within the last 12 hours => 1 month ban

We want to honor our activest players with a VIP status. Therefore we introduced a dynamic whitelist. To get on this list, just stay on our servers in average more than 40 hours in the last 30 days.

An overview of all whitelisted players can be found on the server's profile page or you can check if you are whitelisted ingame with !whitelist.

Bonus Multiplicators

  • Playing as Squad Leader: x1.5

(Our whitelist will be updated daily at 03:00 a.m.)

Map scores are automatically calculated by our map rating system (MRS). It considers your votes on our webpage or ingame with !like or !dislike.

Based on the amount of votes, we are enforcing two different formulas.

If a map has greater than or equal to 25 votes:

  • likes / (likes + dislikes)

If a map has less than 25 votes:

  • ((likes + A) / (likes + dislikes) - B * SQRT((likes * dislikes) / (likes + dislikes) + C) / (likes + dislikes)) / (1 + D / (likes + dislikes))

    SQRT: This is a unary operator which evaluates the square root of its argument.
    A / B / C / D are private constants which are considered as closed source. The math for this was worked out in 1927 by Edwin B. Wilson.

We want to have a friendly and harmonic community. To reach this goal, we are logging all actions we take like bans. In case of an temporary ban, we are following an automated three strike system.

This means, if you reach 3 temporary bans on our servers, the last one will be permanent. This includes team kill bans as well.

On our servers we want to give you the possibility to select the next map played. Therefore on all our servers we have integrated an automatic votemap system (VMS). The system will automatically trigger a vote based on serveral vote options after 30 minutes and has a cooldown of 15 minutes. Each vote lasts and can be extended with if the required votes are not above of the current player count.

Our VMS will be disabled if the player population falls below 45 players and replaced with a special Skirmish only system to support seeding. You can manually start a map vote with !votemap ingame.

The last option selectable will always be the current next map.

Can I have influence on the options presented?

Yes, everyone can. Each vote can be adjusted with nominated maps. To nominate a map use !nominate MAP like "!nominate Al Basrah Invasion v1" ingame.
Each nomination lasts for the next mapvote. Also there is no guarantee that your nomination will be automatically in the vote if there a couple of.

Maps considered for the votemap can be found in the server's map rotation page. Also the map rating has an influence on it. Rate the currently played map ingame with !like or !dislike. Maps with a +4 rating will be selected prioritised.

Currently VMS supports two ways of operation:

Rule Based (RULESET)

  1. RAAS maps with a 4-5 stars rating
  2. RAAS maps with a 0-3 stars rating
  3. 50% chance for RAAS maps with a 0-3 stars rating or AAS maps with a 0-5 stars rating
  4. INVASION maps with a 0-5 stars rating
  5. 33% chance for TC / DESCTRUCTION / INSURGENCY maps with a 0-5 stars rating

This mode will select randomly maps by its given rules until 5 options are selected. Each above mentioned rule will be used for one option.

Pool Based (POOLSET)

  1. nominated maps
  2. maps with a 4-5 stars rating and minimum 5 likes/dislikes
  3. maps with a 2-3 stars rating and minimum 5 likes/dislikes
  4. map rotation
  5. all SQUAD maps

This mode will select randomly maps by its given pools based on its order until 4 options are selected. The last option is always the current nextmap.

A complete map overview can be found here.


  • Current game mode will be excluded. (only with POOLSET mode)
  • Skirmish Maps will be excluded if player count is above 45.
  • Last 5 played maps will be excluded automatically.
  • Each game mode will be included only once. (with RULESET mode this rule differs)
  • Each pool will be used only twice. (only with POOLSET mode)
  • DLC maps like the ones from CAF addon will be included only once.
  • Blacklisted maps and gamemodes will be excluded by definition.
  • Big maps like Gorodok or Yehorivka are excluded between 00:00 a.m. to 06:00 a.m.

You want to report a player or raise an incident? To call an admin ingame, you can now use the new ingame command:

!admin REASON

Our admins will be informed and help out as soon as possible.